Norfolk Symphony Orchestra

Sun 11 Nov

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Butterworth - The Banks of Green Willow, Rhapsody
Cecil Coles - Behind the Lines: 2 - Cortège
Arthur Bliss - 5 pieces from Things to Come Suite
Elgar - Sospiri
Beethoven - Symphony No 9

Choir - King's Lynn Festival Chorus
Soloists - Claire Pendleton (Soprano)
Rebecca Stockland (Alto)
Adam Sullivan (Tenor)
Tom Appleton (Bass)

Musical Director - Philip Hesketh
Leader - Philippa Barton

Remembrance and Hope

During the past 4 years, as Centenaries have passed, we have had to endure the horrific memories of the Great War. In November this year we finally mark the Armistice - but do we celebrate an ending or mourn the terrible consequences? In the first part of our final Remembrance programme, which includes the music of two brilliant young composers killed in the trenches, we experience a journey through the emotions of the time. Beginning in the beauty of the English countryside, we move to the feeling of national pride, through excitement, terror, violence, bleak despair and, finally, desperate heartbreak. In the second part of the concert, moving towards Hope, we are joined by soloists from English National Opera and the King’s Lynn Festival Chorus in perhaps the most inspiring music ever written. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony shows us how we can, with fortitude, courage and brotherhood, win our way from darkness and despair to triumph and hope. In Beethoven’s world, if we all just pull together, the human spirit can conquer all.

Do come and share this monumental emotional journey with us.


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