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Sat 19 May

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A Heroic Golden Age

Schubert                     Symphony No.5
Richard Strauss          Ein Heldenleben

As a man and as a musician, Schubert personifies many of the main characteristics of 19th Century Romanticism. The world is a bad place and getting worse. He feels that nothing can be done – we must all just sit together and wait for the end. Art, therefore, is an escape from this awfulness. The deep forests, the high mountains, fairyland, childhood, the past as in Classical Antiquity, the past as in a recent “Golden Age” – all figure largely in art and music of the time. In his Fifth Symphony, perhaps his lightest and most charmingly cheerful work, Schubert expresses his love for Mozart and yearns for what he sees as the “brighter, better life” when he was still alive.

Before Richard Strauss began writing operas in earnest he followed the example of Liszt and produced tone poems, programmatic pieces which concentrate on painting sound pictures and telling stories rather than working out symphonic arguments. The massive and monumental work Ein Heldenleben, (A Hero’s Life), is clearly based on the life of the composer himself. The orchestra is vast. The Hero, played by eight horns, faces his enemies, the critics who he felt were unfair in his early career. His beloved wife, takes centre stage, represented by beautiful and extremely virtuosic violin solos. With her by his side he faces his foes and, after a great battle, vanquishes them, retiring afterwards into tranquility and fulfilment.

A vast and heroic concert to stir the soul.

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Because we’ve had a few problems with selling zoned tickets, we’ve decided to abandon the seating zones for this next concert. Tickets will now be marked as “unreserved”. For those of you that have already purchased your tickets for May (the majority of which were for zone A), we will ensure that there’s a special reserved section at the front for you.

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