Norfolk Symphony Orchestra - Into The Woods

Sun 19 Jan

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Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel Prelude

Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Weber

Brahms: Symphony No.2 in D op.73

Dispel all thoughts of winter as you join hands with us on a heart-warming journey through sun-dappled forest glades.  Hänsel and Gretel skip merrily along to blissful melodies, unaware of the dangers ahead.  Hindemith conjures up the chatter of exotic birds and the growling of mysterious beasts on a quest to pay homage to Carl Maria von Weber.  Finally, Brahms conveys a deep contentment in his most pastoral of symphonies, full of joy, charm, exuberance and many gorgeous tunes.  It may be January, but some of us have our eyes set firmly on the sunlit uplands of summer!

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