JGDATA- Christmas Nursery Crime

Sat 15 Dec

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Have you read lots of Nursery Rhymes? Think you know the characters within them? You've only heard one side of the story. Not everyone is as sweet and innocent as they make out.

Someone eating all the porridge or selling a cow for magic beans? Oh please! Sitting on a tuffet and scaring a spider? Don't waste your breath. Kidnapping, ransom, theft and blackmail. Now we're talking. Let us tell you the Greatest Christmas Nursery Crime Ever Told (probably) This original family Christmas musical is performed by the award winning actors of the JGDATA MEGA Stars and they will have you singing and laughing to the twisted, but familiar untold end.

Coming to both shows? Discounted tickets can be booked via the box office.

Sat 15 Dec 7:00PM Book now