JGDATA: Off With Heads & Santa Super Heros

Saturday 9 December

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Off With Their Heads
Alice is not in Wonderland any longer . . . or is she. Chained up and locked in a dungeon, but how did she get there? And more importantly, how will she escape.
This completely original musical adaptation of the ‘Alice’ story will have you singing, cheering, booing and guessing tot eh very end.
So, why not follow us into this very dark rabbit hole to who-knows-where?

The MEGA Stars students perform their Christmas musical ‘Alice’ adaptation.

Santa’s Super Heros
Of course Santa is a super-hero – he flies around the world in just one night, right? But did you know he has a family back home, who no-one talks about, and we don’t mean his elves. Santa has a
super-hero family, who would like to be known, for just one year, as the family who work together to bring everyone a Christmas they deserve.
So what does the ‘Clause’ family do when they are not getting ready for Christmas. Come and find out.

The SUPERNOVAS (adult) students perform their original Christmas musical comedy play.

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